What is Life Coaching Really? Coaching Done The Wilderness Way!

What is Life Coaching Really? Coaching Done The Wilderness Way!

I’ve got to be honest, there’s something about the term ‘life coaching’ that makes me squirm a little. It’s a vocation that has exploded and rightfully so because at some point we all need perspective, a nudge in the right direction, someone to question our thinking patterns, a reset button and someone to unpack the complexities of life with. Sometimes you can sense the infinite realm of possibility but you’ve done things a particular way for so long that you need some support to make a change.

And so although I officially call myself a life coach I like to think of it more as curating new ways of being, of actively seeking new life grooves.

The funny thing is that even without a life coach, Africa gifts you this new perspective regardless. When your puddle-jumper plane lands and you step out onto African soil, you remember this land as home. It doesn’t matter where you were actually born, in Africa there is a deep remembering, a connection and a sense of place. The air and sky have a kindness and expansiveness to them that allows you to take your first proper breath in a long time. Your shoulders drop and all of the things about life that seemed so important until that very moment fall away. The noise of your mind and the world quietens. Without effort, you see anew.

It’s from here that you become re-inspired. Ideas pop, you have capacity to see life in a fresh way and you have the energy to map a different path forward. Whether it’s recognising that you’re ready to give back in a way you’ve been dreaming of for years, focus on your health or your family or give up the job that’s been holding you back from your true potential, Africa gives you the inspiration to go for it. I’ve seen it time and time again where guests truly believe they’re coming for a once-in-a-lifetime trip and before the end they’re already planning their next safari. It’s impossible to stay away because a safari has the power to make you feel more like yourself than you ever have before.

When you look up at the blanket of stars at night or find yourself gazing up at an elephant bull, you remember how huge the universe is, how privileged you really are and how much you want to give back and truly live. Nature holds up a clean mirror so that you can see yourself and your life more clearly. And so to intentionalise your safari and have a coach alongside you to help curate those new ways of being takes Africa’s gifts and potential that much further. What we do is sift the wheat from the chaff so that you find your wild truths again and go home with the energy, perspective and tools to implement them.

This detracts nothing from the wildlife experience, instead everything we do amplifies it. These new life grooves are inspired by nature, vibe with nature and remind you of your own true nature. As you move and breathe consciously, you appreciate and understand the trees, animals and people around you so much more.

And what is different about our life coaching approach is that all our explorations happen outside in nature and not in a standard wellness space like a yoga studio, massage room or coaching chair. Yoga, breath work and both inner and outer journey work happen atop rocky outcrops with breathtaking views, in secluded tree houses set amongst ancient Jackalberry’s or as you lock eyes with a leopard whilst out on game drive. With your feet dangling in a stream of crystal clear water, you get back into the flow of your life.

Maybe the term life coaching makes you cringe, maybe it doesn’t, but just know that what we’re doing out there is weaving tools into the safari experience to help you shrug the noise of the world off so you can connect to the wilderness and your own inner knowing. As we curate new ways of being, we amplify Africa’s power to bring peace and purpose to your life.