Revealing the Secret Life of an Uber Driver

This is Christopher. He was my Uber driver in Nashville one morning. In true southern style it didn’t take long for us to start chatting and Christopher shared some of his story with me. Before he worked for Uber he was an electrical engineer specialising with nuclear reactors on submarines for the navy. He’s currently learning stock market strategy through online investment games and totally blew me away with his knowledge of the South African land reclamation situation. He also has great taste in sunglasses.

From when I was a little girl we’d go places and my dad would always wonder out loud about people and what their story was. “I bet he inherited that dog from his mother when she passed away and it reminds him of her every day” or “they’ve definitely adopted that child, the age gap between all of the kids is just too big. How wonderful. I bet the dad was her teacher at school and just couldn’t help himself because she’s just so sweet”. We would laugh because his surmising always sounded like fiction.

It seems I have inherited his curiosity though. Savi Sharma says, “everyone has a story to tell. Everyone is a writer, some are written in the books and some are confined to hearts”. My dad and Savi are totally right. The truths written on hearts are typically crazier than what you could guess.

What are the secrets written on yours?

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