What is a Primitive Trail?

The intention behind these trails is to take nothing we want but everything we need - getting back to basics. We become a modern tribe of explorers returning to wilderness. The experience is an incredible reset and reconnection with nature.…
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The New Year, New You Sham

"New Year, New You" is one of those sayings touted around at the start of a new year and frankly is one I just don't believe in. Resolutions are not a new concept and are known as far back as 4 000 years ago in ancient Babylonian culture but…
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The African Effect

I was in the bush with one of my closest friends two weeks ago and the red-chested cuckoos were calling. These are migratory birds that arrived back in South Africa at the start of summer and their monotonous “piet-my-vrou…” call signals…
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East Africa: Golden Age of Travel

Tanzania has been open to travel since June and Kenya since the start of September. If there was ever a time to explore these East African gems, it is NOW. Global travel is still slow and as a result, East Africa has no crowds, accommodation…

Wild Again For 19 Challenge

My brother Josh, who is also a ranger, and I are about to embark on the toughest journey of our lifetime. We are heading into the bush for 19 days on a primitive trail. No tents, no vehicle and no other human contact as we traverse a big five…

The Power Of Meditation

In the South African bushveld we're deep into autumn now; the landscape thinning as trees turn bare and the sharp coolness of winter penetrates the air. When watching the cycles of nature we can all see that life is in a constant state of change;…
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Feeling The Earth: Grounding Yoga Sequence

Currently most of the global population is grounded in one spot and aren't allowed to venture far from home. Some refer to it as sheltering-in-place and it's an intervention thought to reduce potential harm from the spread of the coronavirus.…
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A Mother's Day Video: Thank You To Mothers Everywhere

One of my all-time favourite sightings was watching a tiny, newborn elephant take its first steps amongst the jostling, tender excitedness of its herd. As is typical of elephants, there was great ceremony to the occasion and the herd was…
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Time To Reflect Part 2: Remembering A Legendary Leopard

If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog then, just to fill you in, this is a follow on from my brother, Josh Attenborough’s beautiful account of the time our paths crossed at Londolozi. Two particular snapshots of our time together have…


Pafuri Wild Again Wilderness Walking Retreat elephant

Awakening Awe: 5 Day Walking Wilderness Retreat 24-28 Sep 2021

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