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Wild Women Journey at Marataba

WILD WOMEN: "Strong back, soft front, wild heart" - Brene Brown. We are passionate about connecting women with the wild outdoors and empowering them to lead an adventurous life. And so we are very excited to be teaming up with the Classic…
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The African Effect

I was in the bush with one of my closest friends two weeks ago and the red-chested cuckoos were calling. These are migratory birds that arrived back in South Africa at the start of summer and their monotonous “piet-my-vrou…” call signals…
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East Africa: Golden Age of Travel

Tanzania has been open to travel since June and Kenya since the start of September. If there was ever a time to explore these East African gems, it is NOW. Global travel is still slow and as a result, East Africa has no crowds, accommodation…


Marataba Yoga Bush Retreat 3-6 Dec 2021

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