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East Africa: Golden Age of Travel

Tanzania has been open to travel since June and Kenya since the start of September. If there was ever a time to explore these East African gems, it is NOW. Global travel is still slow and as a result, East Africa has no crowds, accommodation…
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A Mother's Day Video: Thank You To Mothers Everywhere

One of my all-time favourite sightings was watching a tiny, newborn elephant take its first steps amongst the jostling, tender excitedness of its herd. As is typical of elephants, there was great ceremony to the occasion and the herd was…
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Time To Reflect Part 2: Remembering A Legendary Leopard

If you haven’t read yesterday’s blog then, just to fill you in, this is a follow on from my brother, Josh Attenborough’s beautiful account of the time our paths crossed at Londolozi. Two particular snapshots of our time together have…
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What is A Summer Safari Like in Botswana and Zambia?

Christmas in The Bush! This was one of my most fun safaris to date. The trip was in celebration of Helen's 60th birthday and I couldn't have imagined a more fun family (thank you the Cardons and Masons) to spend Christmas with. If you've…
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Mombo: Africa's Ultimate Destination

Known as the Place of Plenty, Mombo in Botswana's Okavango Delta, has some of the highest densities of wildlife in what is already a wildlife rich area. Doc, our incredible local guide, announced upon arrival, "Welcome to paradise". We couldn't…
An Oasis in The Desert

An Oasis in The Desert

The Okavango Delta is one of the world's most magnificent anomalies. In the middle of the desert lies an 18 000 square kilometer sprawling oasis of crystal clear water supporting an abundance of wildlife. 60 000 years ago, a shifting…
A Return To Londolozi Mecca
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A Return To Londolozi Mecca

Londolozi is somewhere that has a special place in my heart. Having spent countless hours on the land and with the animals there, it was wonderful to return to the newly-refurbished Relais & Chateaux Pioneer Camp for four nights of bliss.…
Wild Again Returning Home – Africa Through The Eyes of a Norwegian

Returning Home - Africa Through The Eyes of a Norwegian

"It’s an irritating reality that many places and events defy description. Angkor Wat and Machu Picchu, for instance, seem to demand silence, like a love affair you can never talk about. For a while after, you fumble for words, trying vainly…
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The Secret To Good Safari Karma

Over the last ten years of guiding I have noticed a clear phenomenon that can only be described as safari karma. It is a strange universal truth that those guests most relaxed and non-attached to what we see are the ones treated time and time…
Weird But Effective Strategies For Peace From a Grumpy Lion

Weird But Effective Strategies For Peace From a Grumpy Lion

"We cannot simultaneously set a boundary and take care of another person's feelings"- Melody Beattie Just a few days ago on retreat in the KwaZulu-Natal bushveld, my guests and I sat watching a sleeping lion. It was dusk and the sky was…