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Gabon: A looking glass into the past

“One of the most endangered phenomenon of our times is the experience of wilderness” Ian McCallum The word wild is one that gets touted around a lot and has somewhat lost it’s meaning but if someone were to ask me for the place that…
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Gabon: A Land Like No Other

This is the Gabon showcased by National Geographic and just about every other big-name TV channel. More importantly, Gabon is a last chance to see how the entire coast of western tropical Africa once was. It’s a magical window into long-long…

How Your Safari Ripples Goodness Outwards

The saying goes that when you support a small business, an actual person does a happy dance. In our case an actual person, a wild place, countless wildlife and a whole lot more people do a happy dance too. One of the hallmarks of a great safari…
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The African Effect

I was in the bush with one of my closest friends two weeks ago and the red-chested cuckoos were calling. These are migratory birds that arrived back in South Africa at the start of summer and their monotonous “piet-my-vrou…” call signals…
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Reflections On Wild Again For 19

Josh and I have just returned from our 19 day challenge in the Big 5 wilderness area of Manyoni Game Reserve. We were completely overwhelmed by the support and so excited to have raised a total of R750 000 for the Zululand Conservation Trust…
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Feeling The Earth: Grounding Yoga Sequence

Currently most of the global population is grounded in one spot and aren't allowed to venture far from home. Some refer to it as sheltering-in-place and it's an intervention thought to reduce potential harm from the spread of the coronavirus.…
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A Mother’s Day Video: Thank You To Mothers Everywhere

One of my all-time favourite sightings was watching a tiny, newborn elephant take its first steps amongst the jostling, tender excitedness of its herd. As is typical of elephants, there was great ceremony to the occasion and the herd was…
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Victoria Falls Back in FLOOD!

In December last year (when the videos in this blog were taken) Victoria Falls was at some of its lowest ever recorded levels as a result of more than a year of drought. There was great concern in Botswana, Zimbabwe and Zambia as the life-giving…

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Pafuri All Women’s Primitive Trail: 15-19 June (FULL) AND 20-24 July

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