Out Of The Ordinary Private Safari Map

Out Of The Ordinary

From USD 33 500 pp sharing

15 Nights

  • 4 nights Tswalu, South Africa
  • 4 nights Singita Pamushana, Zimbabwe
  • 1 night Carlton Hotel in Antananarivo, Madagascar
  • 3 Nights Anjajavy, Madagascar
  • 3 Nights Vakona Forest Lodge, Madagascar

*Prices are based on 6 travellers and includes private guide and private vehicle at all camps. Based on 2022 rates. Please note rates subject to change and will need to be re-quoted at time of booking. Dependent on rate of exchange.

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Maybe you’ve done it all and now you’re looking for something completely out of the ordinary. This unique itinerary blends unusual places with unusual creatures. For those looking to expand your safari horizons literally and figuratively, this one’s for you.

Tswalu Motse Camp, Kalahari, South Africa

Nights 1 – 4

Find typically shy nocturnal animals like pangolins, aardvark, aardwolf and brown hyena during the day in the cold winter months. Visit a habituated meerkat colony and be treated to amazing wild dog, cheetah, black-maned lion and desert-adapted black rhino sightings, amidst the startling beauty of the green kalahari. If culture is for you visit some of the oldest artworks in the world, the ancient engravings of the San people.

Why It’s a Wild Again Favourite

Private game viewing vehicle with a dedicated guide and tracker for all bookings means you can experience Tswalu exactly the way you want to. At The Motse, just 18 adults are accommodated in nine individual legae (suites) made from desert sand, rock and thatch, with every comfort imaginable – open fireplaces, outdoor showers, private sun decks, spacious living areas, separate dressing and study areas and wireless internet. Other activities such as horse riding and involvement in unique conservation research projects also available. We’re a big fan of this conservation success story.

Singita Pamushana, Zimbabwe

Nights 5 – 8

From here head to Singita Pamushana in the remote south east of Zimbabwe. Perched atop a sandstone ridge overlooking the shimmering expanse of the Malilangwe Dam, the lodge is steeped in history and luxury and celebrates the incredible views of this wilderness area. The exclusivity, size of concession, quality of game viewing and scenery make it a bucket list destination.

Why It’s a Wild Again Favourite

Drawing inspiration from the rich tribal history of the region, the lodge’s design features bold geometric patterns, tile inlays and carved furniture, as well as comforting natural fabrics, raw silks and woven leather elements. The Malilangwe Reserve boasts one of the highest concentrations of the endangered black rhino and its abundant wildlife makes for unparalleled game-viewing opportunities.

Anjajavy, Madagascar

Nights 10 – 13

Enjoy the strange landscape of Anjajavy with baobabs perched on coastal cliffs overlooking the water. Lemurs, chameleons, massive crabs and the endemic fossa are the specials for this area.

Why it’s A Wild Again Favourite

Wildlife viewing here is effortless. Lemurs include the Coquerel’s Sifaka, common brown lemurs and mouse lemurs as well as flocks of bright green Grey-headed Lovebirds, Sickle-billed Vangas, Crested Couas and noisy black Vasa Parrots, to name just a few. Reptiles are common including ground boas and hog-nosed snakes and plenty of chameleons (though thankfully there are no really venomous snakes in Madagascar!). There are extensive cave systems, tsingy-like limestone outcrops, extensive mangrove forests as well as beaches and coral reefs. Enjoy an array of water sports, including water skiing, snorkelling, sailing in a catamaran, wind surfing and excellent fishing.

Vakona Forest Lodge, Madagascar

Nights 13 – 15

Vakona in the south east is the place to go to see to see indris, which are a must just to hear the remarkable wails they make! Vakona Forest Lodge is a nature lover’s paradise located about 15 minutes drive beyond Andasibe village and on the doorstep of two national parks; Andasibe and Mantadia. Enjoy the vast array of wildlife such as lemurs, giraffe-necked weevils, tenrecs, mouse lemurs, chameleons, crabs and frogs.

Why it’s A Wild Again Favourite

Vakona Forest Lodge is the prime lodge in this region.

Each of the 24 bungalows is neatly set in the lush gardens giving the whole lodge a rustic charm. En-suite bathrooms, an outside living area and balcony add to the quality of the rooms. Feast on the excellent variety of French / Malagasy / Chinese cuisine while taking in the views of the forest.

On canoes explore nearby Lemur Island, which is home to various species of lemur in a reintroduced but open environment. One can wander the well-marked trails in search of colourful chameleons, reptiles, and abundant plant life or for the more adventurous visit the private reserve on horseback or mountain bike.

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