Coming hOMe to the Wild: Africa Meets Appalachia 30 April-2 May ONLINE Retreat

The Retreat

At a time where we may not be able to travel physically, yoga is the practice that becomes our Magic Carpet, allowing us to connect across time and space. On this retreat you have the opportunity to travel to South Africa and the Appalachians from your own backyard. In the wilderness we’ll be taken out on re-imagined game drives to meet lions, elephants, zebras and so many more species. Their ever-present embodiment is an inspiration for us to remember our own innate wisdom.

These animals remind us that there is nothing you need to search for. It is all already within you. They are the living example of being hOMe. 

We are each born with this… the drum of our heartbeat and the ocean of our breath that are constantly calling us hOMe. 

Africa is where all humankind arose and took its first steps and that ancient drum beat is calling us back to the wilds. The Appalachians are among the oldest mountains on Earth; filled with timeless wisdom that goes beyond any spoken language.  Whether we are treading upon ancient mountains or connecting with the wild bush, we remember ourselves as the very nature we revere and return to ourselves. 

Join this journey of rediscovery as we meet from the South African bushveld, the heart of Appalachia and your very own backyard. 

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What to Expect

Friday 29 October – Sunday 31 October 2021

We will begin the retreat on Friday evening with a Connection Call to meet our fellow retreaters and get grounded in our individual and group intentions for this adventure filled and nourishing weekend. After our chat, we will unroll our mats for a mindful meditation and grounding practice to arrive and center our minds and bodies.

Each weekend morning will begin with a re-imagined game drive to set the tone for your day followed by a vinyasa practice, and will finish with a reflection and journaling on the day’s theme.  An invitation to wander into the wild within your reach will be provided (we promise no matter where you live there is wilderness to be explored). 

We will reconnect as a group on Saturday afternoon to discuss the day’s theme and close with a relaxing and restorative yin practice.

Sunday will conclude with a closing circle, reflection and sharing.

What’s Included

Your Contribution: $210 total

Guided Meditations

Live Stream Yoga Classes 

Guided Journaling/Writing Sessions

Forest Bathing and Other Outdoor Explorations 

Re-imagined Game Drives and Hikes

Additional suggestions, support & encouragement for self-nurturing

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Meet Your Guides

Tara Eschenroeder

With Tara you get more than a teacher on the yoga mat; you gain guidance for your daily life. With her guidance, no two classes or workshops are ever the same. Participants are not told what to do, they are empowered to listen to their own bodies and hearts. Tara is ERYT200, ERYT500, RCYT, YACEP, self-published author, and a Certified Coach and Mentor.

Amy Attenborough Wild Again Profile

Amy Attenborough

Amy is a South African game ranger that has dedicated her life to reconnecting people back to nature. Over the last twelve years she has guided countless people throughout Africa on outward adventures but for the last five years she has been focusing more on guiding the inner ones. There can be no true healing of connection with the natural world if we don’t come to know and love our very own. Amy is a certified game ranger, trails guide, YTT 200, Martha Beck life coach and motivational speaker.