The Retreat

In the follow-on from our Awakening Awe Retreat, we are offering a 2nd AWAKENING RETREAT for explorers of our inner & outer wilderness landscapes. This invitation is an opportunity to stimulate senses dulled by fast-paced, urban living. As Westerners, we’ve come to rely heavily on sight, to the detriment of touch, taste, hearing & smell. But when these senses awaken, our world expands & becomes infinitely richer, more textured, & vibrantly alive. After all, are we not what we perceive?
By walking silently in the wilderness for 5 days, we return to our untamed roots as wild, sensuous beings, at one with the Nature & attuned to all her multi-faceted nuances. The deeper we drop into stillness & silence, the more we become what we sense. Like shamans, we will learn from the wisdom of all our relations & take these precious gems back into our lives.
We love to invite you take valuable time out from your busy life to deep dive into an immersion within pristine wilderness, where we walk silently in the African bush for hours each day, at times interpreting the intimacies of nature’s behaviour, & drawing upon Mother Nature’s teachings in consciousness-expanding sessions between the walks.
The guiding you will receive on these retreats will be unlike anything you’ve experienced on safari before. Guests are invited to FEEL nature with the whole body, rather than analyse & dissect it with the busy mind. By dropping into the feelings in our bodies, we begin to tune into the Body of Nature. The unconscious way of objectifying nature – of viewing her as separate to ourselves – dissolves & an awe-inspiring realisation arises, where we remember in our deepest essence that we are a part of it all, & all of it is a part of us. We tap into a realm of sensed intelligence we previously forgotten, & gain greater access to the fullness of being alive.
The private Pafuri concession – within the world-famous Kruger National Park – lies in a vast, almost inaccessible triangle of wilderness between the Limpopo and Luvuvhu rivers, along South Africa’s north-eastern frontier. Between them, the two great valleys embrace one of Africa’s most spectacular landscapes, with mountains & gorges in the west giving way to plains, pans, baobabs & fever tree forests in the east.
This ancient land, particularly the low-lying floodplains near the confluence at Crooks’ Corner where our camp is located, harbours an abundance of life. It’s a natural choke point for wildlife crossing from north to south & back, and forms a distinct ecological region. Huge herds of elephant, buffalo & other game congregate here, especially when the surrounding bush lies parched before the rains. Predators & scavengers, ranging from the great cats & hyenas to servals, genets, civets, caracals, amongst many others, find shelter here.
The area is also famous for its elephant herds in winter (when we are there), which come to drink from the Luvuvhu river. The wildlife roams without the hindrance of borders in a trans-frontier park that spans 3 countries. The diversity also brings a profusion of birds, with numerous sightings in what bird lovers regard as South Africa’s most rewarding birding destination.
While comprising only about 1% of the Kruger National Park’s actual area, Pafuri contains plants & animals representing almost 75% of the Parks total diversity.
This is an exclusive, next-level wilderness safari retreat, designed for those who’ve already done much inner journey work & self-refection, who appreciate the precious gift of long periods of silence, & who can recognise the sacred in both the small & large creations of nature. A medium level of fitness is required.
Pafuri Wild Again Wilderness Walking Retreat Baobab
Pafuri Wild Again Wilderness Walking Retreat Lanner Gorge

Retreat Content

29 September – 3 October 2020

– Daily dawn & dusk guided walks, mostly in silence: wisdom gathering in the wild. We may drive to a certain point in the reserve and walk from there.
– Meditative gatherings integrating what we’ve observed in the bush into our day-to-day relating.
– Optional, gentle yin yoga & grounding techniques to open our bodies to receptive presencing held out in the bush.
– Yoga, meditation and breathwork practices atop remote rocky outcrops with vast expanses of wilderness below.
– A sacred cacao ceremony to gently support the heart’s opening to more feeling.
– Around the bonfire, sharing our stories under the Milky Way.
– Free afternoons to relax, swim in the river, read, sleep.

Pafuri Wild Again Wilderness Walking Retreat elephant

Investment in Yourself

EARLY BIRD (ends 1 April 2021: R17 495)

Full rate: R 19 495

Rates are per person sharing in African bush tents, with exquisite attention to detail, and all the necessities for your comfort – crisp linen, an ensuite bathroom, private outdoor bucket shower with water heated to your preference. The experience is as close to nature as you can possibly be, whilst having all creature comforts catered to.

(R3340 will be the additional charge for the rest night between the two retreats on 28 Sep for guests either choosing to stay for both retreats, or those wanting to arrive a day early for this, the 2nd retreat. Please note there will be no guided walks or facilitation on this day. This is purely a rest day between retreats and a time to integrate learning from the first retreat).

Includes: 2 guided walks per day with expert guides and trackers, a possible game drive, all facilitation, 3 nourishing meals per day, sundowner drinks and snacks, and shared accommodation.

Space strictly limited to 7 guests, and pre-booking with a non-refundable 50% deposit essential to reserve your place.

This Does not Include

Your investment will not include airfare, transport to and from Pafuri or gratuities. We can help you to arrange transport to and from Pafuri at an additional cost (this will be dependent on number of people requiring the minibus).

Pafuri Wild Again Wilderness Walking Retreat
Pafuri Wild Again Wilderness Walking Retreat Leopard

Meet Your Hosts

Amy Attenborough Wild Again Profile

Meet Amy

It’s true what they say about a name because being born an Attenborough, Amy doesn’t believe she ever really had much choice about what direction her life would take. After completing her Journalism and Media Studies degree Amy followed her deep love of nature to the bush. She planned to stay for a year, which quickly turned into ten.

During that time, she worked at Phinda Private Game Reserve, Ngala Private Game Reserve and Londolozi Game Reserve, some of South Africa’s most prestigious lodges. She took a particular liking to walking, spending as much time as she could on foot approaching animals with her guests. She has travelled to Botswana, Namibia, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, India, Uganda and throughout South America in search of wildlife. Her greatest adventure was living in Gabon training local guides for the WWF and Smithsonian Institute, where they spent weeks at a time living like early nomads in the dense and remote coastal forests, fulfilling a life-long dream of tracking and habituating wild gorillas.

Nature has always been her biggest teacher. Seeing how embodied and present animals are inspired Amy to begin practising yoga. She is qualified as a vinyasa and yin teacher and spent six months training under a Hatha master in Boulder, Colorado. She is also a certified Martha Beck life coach. With this mixture of passions and skills, Amy leads specialised wellness safaris that incorporate yoga, meditation, mindfulness and personalised life coaching in order to restore body, mind and spirit in the most beautiful wilderness locations on the continent.


Ann Kristin- Norway

The facilitation was varied & flowing, with good interplay between the team mates, & inspired action. I loved how each facilitator shared their own experiences honestly, & were dancing etc. with us. They created a safe space where it felt acceptable to be vulnerable. Going deep & showing emotions felt natural & was met in a calm & loving way. Being in the field of grass at dusk with the elephants, silent game drives, beautiful views of the landscape, lessons from the animals & the invitation to embody their energy, sharing in the circle (both around the fire & inside the lodge) & learning from the others, dancing, soul gazing, healthy food eaten together, the concept of kairos time, being able to take a dip in the pool, slow yoga – especially out on the hill in the bush, meditation, calling in the ancestors, communing with the trees, visiting the rhino orphanage, everything was superb, including tapping into so many aspects of myself, & sharing the different experiences with the others. We had a great team who each brought something unique, & complimented each other perfectly, which gave the retreat a full spectrum of experiences. Each one had so much knowledge & wisdom to impart, & were really well-prepared & present. I loved the cosy lodge & accommodation – with animals grazing close by – paradise! The wildlife experience was top notch! I just adored being outdoors & how alive nature was. It felt good enjoying the silence, as well as getting the occasional fun facts. It was cool how things flowed & happened as we went along: stopping for whatever caught our interest, staying longer to give nature time to give us an unexpected experience, & to just be. The food was excellent! It felt nice eating healthy, good food. A deep & transformative experience, I truly loved every second of it, so much so, I’m travelling all the way back from Norway to attend the second one!
Ann-Kristen, Norway

Dan, Boulder CO

I couldn’t believe the wildlife experience, in terms of the amount & diversity of life we saw. Amy, the emphasis on taking time to stop & FEEL the wildlife was spectacular. I appreciated the variety of the different meditations, which grounded me & got me looking inward from different angles. Kali, your gentle guidance during our meditations was wonderful. This was my first safari, & my first Self-oriented retreat: they felt like such a natural match – I want to do mooore.
Dan K, Boulder, Colorado

Karin, Germany

The accommodation & location are breathtaking – a villa in the bush feel – that it is open to wildlife made us feel like we were sleeping amongst the animals as visitors in their world. I also loved the deep connection Amy & Josh have to the land. Made it feel very intimate, & supported our conscious work. I especially loved the fire side gatherings. The game drives were amazing & will remain with me forever. I often wonder how our elephants are doing, if the lion is roaring tonight, & I feel this pain, this longing to wanting to be back there. The facilitation was just the best!!!
Honestly I cannot think of anything that could have been improved. Thanks for the welcome cards, thanks for your open hearts & minds, & for all the knowledge you shared with us. You are truly gems in your field. My highlights: the elephant herd, the bark spider. Amy’s whole feeling approach to wildlife is something I have NEVER experienced before i- I could sit with her forever in the bush, feeling, hearing, exhaling, experiencing, sucking-in nature. Thank you for making me aware again of my deepest love in life, mother nature! I do not know what it is in the African bush that makes me feel whole, but also craving more & more of it. Kali, what a pleasure to have had the opportunity to learn so much from you. Your heart is endless & so is your knowledge. I truly felt so well guided by you, without REALY knowing where we were heading, which would normally give me the feeling of not being in control. But you embody this endless love & trust, & I knew I could follow you bind folded. Thank you so much for bringing me so much closer to myself & for supporting me to take down old habits & masks, & falling even deeper in love with myself. A lot of doors have opened within me.
Karin, Germany