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Gabon: A looking glass into the past

“One of the most endangered phenomenon of our times is the experience of wilderness” Ian McCallum The word wild is one that gets touted around a lot and has somewhat lost it’s meaning but if someone were to ask me for the place that epitomised the essence of this word, Gabon would be it. It […]

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Reflections On Wild Again For 19

Josh and I have just returned from our 19 day challenge in the Big 5 wilderness area of Manyoni Game Reserve. We were completely overwhelmed by the support and so excited to have raised a total of R750 000 for the Zululand Conservation Trust at a time where they’re hamstrung by Covid 19 and the […]

Wild Again For 19 Challenge

My brother Josh, who is also a ranger, and I are about to embark on the toughest journey of our lifetime. We are heading into the bush for 19 days on a primitive trail. No tents, no vehicle and no other human contact as we traverse a big five wilderness area in the dead of […]

The Power Of Meditation

In the South African bushveld we’re deep into autumn now; the landscape thinning as trees turn bare and the sharp coolness of winter penetrates the air. When watching the cycles of nature we can all see that life is in a constant state of change; the trees seemingly at ease as they shed leaves and […]

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Feeling The Earth: Grounding Yoga Sequence

Currently most of the global population is grounded in one spot and aren’t allowed to venture far from home. Some refer to it as sheltering-in-place and it’s an intervention thought to reduce potential harm from the spread of the coronavirus. Although there is much grumbling about this curbing of freedom, I’m also hearing people say […]