About Us

Wild Again is a private guiding safari company that connects people to the wilderness. We believe that if we re-connect people with nature we change the world.

We know that you all connect with the wilderness in different ways. Some of you connect through walking and others prefer a vehicle, some through your camera lens and others with silence and meditation. Some prefer to travel with close friends and family and others on retreat with like-minded community. This is why we have three tenets to Wild Again (traditional safaris, wellness safaris and retreats). We strive to give you the opportunity to connect in whichever way best suits and serves you because ultimately the result is the same; when we re-connect with nature we change the world.

We pride ourselves on being a small, personalised company that has real and lasting relationships with its guests.

What is different about Wild Again is our passion for incorporating more conscious ways of being into safari. We challenge the standard way of doing things and offer guests a new approach, always with the greatest awareness to detail, safety, integrity and providing unique, outstanding experiences.

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